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Wellcome Grants €2.4m To RCSI To Advance Research On Deprescribing Medicines Using Big Data

Dr Frank Moriarty, Senior Lecturer at RCSI School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences, has received a €2.4 million career development award from Wellcome to advance new methods to research deprescribing – the planned process…

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Why Should We Pay Attention to Ethical Arguments of Doctors Working with Big Data Technologies?

Healthcare professionals and data scientists working with big data technology continuously make ethical arguments but use ethics differently. They need to be aware of these differences. By interviewing 160 stakeholders from…

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Shared Expectations on the Future of Health Care Shape Big Data Technologies

Big data technologies can be used to make more personalized predictions, smarter decisions and more effective interventions. As a result, the quality of care will be improved, lives will be…

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How to Prevent Getting Blocked by the Rules when Innovating with Big Data in Healthcare

As part of Erasmus University’s study on the uptake of big data technologies in healthcare within the Big Medilytics project, interviews with the pilot project leaders and group interviews with the twelve project…

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