Covid 19/Research

AI Outperforms Medical Experts in Diagnosing Rare Eye Diseases

New research suggests that artificial intelligence (AI) can now diagnose rare inherited eye diseases (IRDs) more accurately than medical experts. The new AI software, called Eye2Gene, may improve the diagnosing,…

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Covid 19/Technology

Opinion: One group that’s embraced AI: Criminals

From deepfakes to enhanced password cracking, hackers are discovering the power of AI for malicious use. Lawmakers are still figuring out how best to use artificial intelligence. Lawbreakers are doing…

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Northern Ireland’s healthtech expertise to spur growth in the Middle East

Covid-19 has completely transformed the healthcare sector – especially when it comes to the adoption of technology. The global digital health market is expected to surpass $504.4bn by 2025, according…

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AI startup that captures vital signs via phone cameras launches new corporate wellness solution

Many employers, universities and other organizations are expanding health and wellness monitoring amid the COVID-19 pandemic. One artificial intelligence health startup that offers video-based health tracking sees big opportunities among insurance…

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