Shared Expectations on the Future of Health Care Shape Big Data Technologies

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Big data technologies can be used to make more personalized predictions, smarter decisions and more effective interventions. As a result, the quality of care will be improved, lives will be saved and healthcare cost will be reduced.

Data scientists and healthcare professionals are inspired by the promises surrounding big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to take the necessary steps in improving healthcare practices.

In a video released by the Erasmus University with the lessons learned in the BigMedilytics project, Dr. Marthe Stevens, a researcher at Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management explains how shared expectations on the future of health care shape big data technologies. The expectations of policy makers and the public shape both the aims as well as the concerns that data scientists and health care professionals should address. Shared expectations can be linked to personal dreams.

Three lessons can be learned from the BigMedilytics project:

  • The expectations of both policy makers and the public shape the aims of big data projects.
  • The personal dreams are a vital source for data scientist and health care professionals to continue the hard work.
  • Reflection on the differences in expectation and the specifics of personal dreams will improve teamwork.

Source: Big Medilytics


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