Results of Research About Menopause in Ireland Following First Government Awareness Campaign


New research about menopause in Ireland from the Department of Health shows that 55% of women experiencing perimenopause and menopause describe it as a negative experience, with just 22% describing it as a positive experience.

Data from the research on menopause in Ireland shows that:

  • Almost one in three (31%) of women 35+ years said they were currently going through perimenopause or menopause.
  • One in two (55%) women experiencing perimenopause or menopause describe it as a negative experience.
  • The average woman in menopause experiences up to seven symptoms at any given time.
  • One in three women in menopause say they have constant symptoms.
  • Only one in five (23%) women in menopause say they would be happy to talk about it to their manager at work.
  • The majority of people (93%) agree that menopause can have a big impact on a woman’s everyday life.

Women reported that their most intense menopause symptoms were temperature changes (76%), changes in periods (73%), tiredness (72%), sleep issues (68%), changes in body shape (58%), cognitive issues (56%), mood changes (54%) and joint pain (53%). Also, the research showed if a woman experiences a symptom frequently, she is very likely to say it has a severe impact on her quality of life.

The top pieces of advice women would give other women about menopause is:

  • Talk to your GP.
  • Get information / advice.
  • Get as much help as you can.
  • Stay positive and be kind to yourself.

In October 2022, Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly launched a national campaign to support everyone to talk about menopause, empowering women to talk about their experience with their partner, family, friends and colleagues and enabling all of us to support those experiencing menopause.


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