Report to Minister for Defence from Raiseaconcern to be Submitted to the Independent Review Group


Minister for Defence and Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney has received a report from Raiseaconcern, on the work undertaken by the Confidential Contact Person (CCP), to assist members of the Defence Forces affected by issues relating to bullying, harassment, discrimination or sexual misconduct in the workplace.

Raiseaconcern provide a safe, secure, confidential and impartial service for raising concerns about workplace wrongdoing. The organisation create and manage comprehensive whistleblowing systems with properly structured policies, processes and procedures.

The CCP facility was part of a set of interim measures announced by the Minister last October to support both current and former member of the Defence Forces in reporting allegations of unacceptable behaviour.

About the report frim Raiseaconcern, The Minister said, \”I wish to thank Raisaconcern for the very valuable work they are doing, and continue to do, in listening to and assisting callers in documenting their allegations and to provide guidance on follow-on options open to them. The Report, is of course, entirely anonymised, and as agreed, I will be submitting it to the Independent Review Group, established last January, to examine dignity and equality issues in the Defence Forces workplace. This Report will be an important input into the ongoing deliberations of that Group.\”

Minister Coveney also confirmed that he had met earlier this week with the Independent Review Group, \”I had a very fruitful meeting with Ms. Justice Bronagh O’Hanlon and the other members of the Group, Ms Jane Williams, HR specialist, and Mr Mark Connaughton SC, and I look forward to their Interim Report in the coming months.\”


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