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Minister Coveney Announces Extension to Sea-Going Scheme

Minister for Defence and Foreign Affairs, Simon Coveney TD, was delighted today to announce an extension to the Naval Service Sea-Going Commitment Scheme and noted a significant expansion in the number of personnel eligible to participate in the scheme.

The Sea-Going Service Commitment Scheme for Naval Service personnel was introduced with effect from 1 January 2021. The Scheme was aimed at retaining experienced members of the Naval Service and also to incentivise sea-going duties.

The Minister is delighted to announce the extension to sea-going scheme and the reduction of eligibility criteria from 3 to 1 years’ service, which will capture almost all Able Seamen currently serving.

Applicants in the scheme will receive €10,000 (four staged payments of €2,500 following each six month period of sea-going rotation in the specified sea-going appointment and on confirmation that the individual has delivered the required minimum 60 patrol days for that period). This payment is in addition to the payment of existing allowances, including patrol duty allowance and the naval service personal tax credit.

A process to allow for detailed consideration of the Naval Service recommendations in the Report of the Commission on the Defence Forces has also commenced.

The Minister acknowledged that the retention of experienced officers and enlisted personnel in the Naval Service has been a significant challenge for the Defence Organisation and a number of measures have been taken to improve recruitment and retention.

Minister Coveney stated that extending the Naval Service Sea-Going Commitment Scheme and reducing eligibility criteria from 3 to 1 years’ service, will positively assist with the retention of adequate manpower and retain experienced personnel in the Naval Service.


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