MediMee: The online emergency platform that could save your life


Dublin Tech Summit took place this week with talks and panel discussions from more than 200 domestic and international figures from the technology industry.

Over the two days, 100 innovative startups were also exhibiting their wares, in an attempt to showcase their power to create something unique and potentially life-changing. Of the one hundred strong startups, MediMee stood out.

MediMee is an online emergency platform, which contains all your Medical, SOS contact, Health & travel insurance information, all in one place for quick and easy reference.

It is designed to help save lives and give peace of mind knowing that your vital information can be communicated even if cannot through the use of simple technology.

The team at MediMee have developed an app which conveniently allows users to upload and store emergency information (such as medications, allergies, illnesses, etc) that is instantly accessible to emergency services.

In case of emergency, MediMee could help save your life by giving first responders and the emergency services instant access to your profile. Providing them with vital information.

Earlier this week the company announced that they would be teaming up with Deliveroo, to enhance their rider health and safety.

The riders will take MediMee smart stickers, place them on the the side of their helmets. In the event of an emergency a member of the public or the emergency services can take their smartphone, tap it against the patch and access that person\’s medical profile in a matter of seconds. That could detail if you have an allergy or a medical condition such as diabetes.

The Dublin based firm has a bold, brave and admirable philosophy, \”Our goal is to help save lives and enhance health & safety in the workplace.\”

The app sounds like a both practical and convenient to use.

To read more, check out there website.


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