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Emergency Services in County Mayo Potentially Under Threat

A recent report published by The Connaught Telegraph have indicated that  Mayo’s emergency services are heading towards a point of not being viable anymore unless quick action is taken.

Speaking on the report ,independent candidate in the Castlebar area, former councillor Harry Barrett said “As it is emergency services in the county are stretched to capacity and this can be seen by the suffering of those who have to wait for hours in the emergency department and who then end up being treated on a trolley in a corridor.”

“Hospital management needs to issue an immediate statement to reassure the public that the accident and emergency service in Mayo University Hospital is fit for purpose.”

“The public need to be informed about any downgrade to the service due to staffing shortages. Any further deterioration in the already stretched service will lead to huge public anger, street protest and will not be accepted by the community.

He added “This situation is no reflection on the hard-working staff who have to work in very stressful conditions.Rather, it is the result of a failure by this government to deliver on its promises to reduce wait times, trolley numbers and to negotiate a consultants’ contract that is acceptable to staff.”



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