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Dublin Fire Brigade May Start Using Drones.

Dublin Fire Brigade is currently researching the use of remote controlled aerial craft called quadcopters to deal with major fires and other incidents.  The use of drones by fire services has already been adopted in Boston,  where fire captain Robert Reardon has praised the capabilities of the technology:  “What it can offer is tremendous.  We’re looking forward to having this technology.”  Reardon told the Boston Globe that the drones could be used to locate people missing in water, and to access storm and fire damage.  Dublin Fire Brigade (DFB) confirmed on their Twitter account that it was researching the use of similar aerial technology, which would make them the first Irish emergency service to use drones if the plans go ahead.   Drones,  or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), though primarily known for their controversial military and surveillance applications, have been utilized for a variety of things: civil aviation, aerial surveying of crops, shooting impressive aerial footage for filmmaking projects, coordinating humanitarian efforts, inspecting power and pipelines, and even delivers burritos and pizzas.


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