Zero tolerance approach on illegal bon Fires in run up to Cork celebration


Cork City is looking for a zero-tolerance approach when it comes to illegal bonfires. An Emergency Services interactive Day was taking place today in Clashduv Park Togher at 2pm in response to the unsupervised bonfires last year in Deanrock estate which tied up emergency services all night. This talk was being hosted by members of the Gardaí and fire services who had to deal with last years repercussions.

June 23rdis the city\’s traditional bon fire night celebration and this year the city is taking a zero- tolerance approach to any illegal bonfires outside of designated city council events. Fine Gael councillor John Buttimer says “City council officials and local gardaí should be able to remove material being hoarded for bonfires without being threatened or blocked by adults or children, People who light illegal bonfires get the material from local people; this must be stopped,”.

He went on to stress the importance of taking responsibility for your own area.“Social pressure is one of the most powerful tools that we can use to stop this outdated activity.” Last Year the Togher Family Centre came under serious risk when an illegal bon fire was lit nearby. Fire-fighters were forced to wait for police back up before tackling the blaze which was already posing a risk to nearby homes.

Mr Buttimer said “I hope a positive outcome of today’s event will be increased awareness amongst children of the work done by the emergency services,” Residents are being encouraged not to supply material for bon fire collections and to report any known bon fire supply hoarding sites. The city council will run several family-focused bonfire activities on June 23.



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