The Comparison Syndrome

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Ctrl Alt Delete is hosted by author and broadcaster Emma Gannon where she discussses modern dilemmas such as people\’s relationship with the internet and social media. In this episode of her podcast she talks to Lucy Sheridan, the world’s first and only comparison coach and author of The Comparison Cure

Lucy has helped many people to go from compare and despair to #ComparisonFree. The book is for anyone who has struggled with comparing yourself to others and something we have all had time to reflect on in recent times.

Lucy has a three-step tried and tested methodology to help you improve your self-worth and self-confidence

1. Recognise the symptoms

2. Start practising the remedies

3. Keep your good new habits going

With these simple steps you will soon be able to let go of procrastination and start living a comparison-free life.

Listen to the CTRL ALT DELETE podcast\’s interview with Lucy Sheridan here

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