Stress Control Online

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The first session of the HSE\’s Stress Control Online is to be repeated again today at 2pm and 8.30pm. There was great feedback from those who participated in this the first time around.

Dr Jim White will live-stream the classes, free-of-charge. You can watch the sessions either in the afternoon or evening. Click here to get all the dates. To find out more about Stress Control click here

All you need to successfully complete this class is to watch each of the six sessions, read the booklets and use the relaxation and mindfulness. You can find the sessions on YouTube.

Click here or search for ‘Stress Control 2020’ to access the HSE YouTube channel where the classes will be available to view at the scheduled times. If you click the Subscribe button on the YouTube page, you should be kept up to date with the latest videos when logged in to YouTube.

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