Remembering Those Who Have Died In The Line Of Duty


The Annual Garda Memorial Day for 2018 honoured the 88 members of An Garda Síochána who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

The day of commemorations took place at the Dubhlinn Gardens in Dublin Castle on Saturday (May 19th).

In attendance was Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan who addressed the crowd, paying special mention to the two most recent Gardaí who gave their lives in the service of the State.

Detective Garda Adrian Donohoe died from a fatal shooting during an armed robbery at a credit union in Belurglan, Co Louth on January 2013.

Garda Tony Golden was shot five times and died from a fatal shot to the back in October 2015 while responding to a domestic abuse call.

The Minister said:

“We remember with pride the courage of those who sacrificed so much so that we may go about our daily lives without fear. On behalf of the Government, I wish to express my deepest sympathies to the families of those whose lives were cut so short.

“Everyday An Garda Síochána works to protect us when we are at our most vulnerable. It is appropriate that we take a moment today to remember those members who have lost their lives over the years in service of others.”

The historical associations of the organisation with Dublin Castle were very much to the forefront in choosing the Dubhlinn Gardens at Dublin Castle as the location for the Memorial Garden.

Dublin Castle is associated with An Garda Síochána since the foundation of the State.  It is the location where An Garda Síochána affirmed its authority as the National Policing Force on 9th February, 1922, thereby commencing the phasing out of the Royal Irish Constabulary which ended its policing role in August of that year.


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