Record Level of Investment in Defence Forces Built Infrastructure


Simon Coveney TD, Minister for Defence Foreign Affairs, has announced details of the 2022 allocation to accelerate the implementation of the Defence Forces Built Infrastructure Development Plan (IDP).

The Minister stated, “following the launch of the 5 year Built Infrastructure Programme for the Defence Forces in 2020, significant progress has been made in delivery on modernising the DF built environment.”

A number of significant projects were completed during 2021 including:

• Construction of 2 new gymnasia at Sarsfields Barracks, Limerick and at Stephens Barracks, Kilkenny combined cost of €6.2 million.

• Provision of a new Electric Target Range DFTC; €2.1 million.

• NDA Range at Gormanstown, €0.394 million.

• Personnel Support Services Resource Centre, Camp Field, Collins Barracks, Cork; €0.364 million.

• Replacement of Standby Generators at Casement Aerodrome, Baldonnel: €0.2m.

The Minister added that, “at Military Installations across the country, there are capital works projects taking place with the sole aim of ensuring infrastructure in the Defence Forces is modernised to allowed our Military counterparts fulfil their demanding roles.”

The Minister referenced his recent visit to the Naval Service, where two of the most significant capital projects currently underway are nearing completion, namely the renovation of Block 8 to increase living in accommodation for serving personal and the remediation of Spencer Jetty which will provide extra berthage capacity for the Naval Service.

He continued, “building on the success of 2021, I am pleased to announce that in 2022, the capital allocation in respect of such projects will be in the region of €35m. This is the highest allocation since the economic crash of 2008 and the most significant yearly investment in the history of the Defence Forces. In addition, a further €10m is being provided to the Defence Forces for the purposes of maintenance of current stock.”

This year’s allocation will enable the progression of the following Capital Projects:

  • Upgrade and refurbishment of two buildings at McKee Barracks €15m.
  • Upgrade of Blocks 8 and 9 at the Naval Base.
  • Haulbowline and construction/upgrade of Block 1 at Collins Barracks, Cork €9.5m.
  • Upgrade of Block 4 Accommodation, Haulbowline €9m.
  • Upgrade of Former USAC Block, Galway €8.4m.
  • Casement Military Medical Facility ( Relocation of Bricins) €8m.
  • New CIS Workshop Facility, Defence Forces Training Centre €7.3m.
  • ARW New HQ Building €4.4m.
  • Cadet School HQ- Defence Forces Training Centre €4.1m.
  • Collins Barracks New Accommodation Block €3.5m.
  • Remediation of Spencer Jetty at the Naval Base, Haulbowline, Cork €3.1m.
  • St Bricins Re Location – MAP & Dmed – former COS €2.2m.
  • Upgrade of underground services at barracks’ Casement Aerodrome, Baldonnel €1m.
  • Upgrade to Barracks HQ, McKee Barracks €1m.
  • DFTC Engineering Stores €0.7m.
  • Gas, Watermains and Electrical Upgrade Works at Galway Barracks €0.5m.
  • Military Training Facility, No Danger Area Range, Kilworth, Cork €0.49m.
  • Upgrade to waste and water services at Coolmoney Camp.
  • Glen of Imaal, Co. Wicklow €0.4m.
  • Upgrade of Watermains and extension of gas main supply at Kilkenny Barracks €0.4m.
  • Central Heating Boiler Decentralisation, Dundalk €0.4m.
  • Casement Runway LED upgrade €0.4m.
  • Water and Gas Mains Upgrade Works at Finner Camp €0.4m.

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