Emergencyservices.ie Crisis Response Handbook

The Official Emergencyservices.ie Crisis Response Handbook is available now here to download with timely information on: 

  1. Getting Ready: Emergency preparedness and crisis response. 
  2. All Crises preparation and response
  3. Comprehensive guide to the coronavirus
  4. Delivering the response: Programme planning and management, sector guidance and good practices by operational context (urban/rural), standards and indicators, procedures for administration, finance, human resources, supply and information and communication technology (ICT)
  5. Security: Security and risk management guidance
  6. Emergency responders and persons of concern
  7. Staff well-being: Support and advice for emergency responders, also in terms of psychological and physical well-being
  8. Media: Working with journalists and mass media, including print, visual and digital media. 

Sponsorship opportunities for businesses wishing to participate can access the available options here


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