New Sign Safety Roll Out in Dublin Bay


Thirty-one signs are to be placed all along the North Dublin coastline in an effort to improve efficiency of the emergency services. The signs will be marked with locations so anybody calling the emergency services can state their exact position. As one of the Coast Guards biggest problems is finding the exact location of an emergency. The scheme is a joint initiative with Dublin Port Company, The Irish Coast Guards and Dublin City Council with the hope that lives and time could be saved in rescues along the Dublin Bay coastline.

Colin Murray of the Irish Coast Guard says \”Often time is the enemy when it\’s comes to coastal emergencies, we need to get to the location of the casualty as soon as possible and minimise the time needed to find them. In the case of tourists visiting an area they may not be aware of the correct name of the area they\’re in, even locals trying to describe what part of Dollymount beach they\’re on can be difficult. The new signs will help the emergency services with that response\”.

While the Lord Mayor commented \”I very much welcome this initiative between the parties concerned, all working together to come up with a solution. Coming into the summer it\’s important to ensure the emergency services have the best information to hand quickly to ensure a speedy response, I\’ve no doubt having the location on the signs will make an important difference\”.
Pat Ward, Dublin Port Company\’s Head of Corporate Services had this to say \”While Dublin Bay provides the key commercial artery for trade on the island of Ireland, it is also renowned for its recreational and leisure craft activities. The importance of accurate information in an emergency situation is critical and todays initiative plays a huge part in assisting the public and our emergency services when called upon.\”


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