National Day Of Rememberance For Road Crash Victims This Sunday


\”World Day of Rememberance for Road Traffic Victims\” occurs on the third Sunday in November each year.

This Sunday, November 19th, will draw the public’s attention to road traffic collisions, their consequences and costs, and the measures which can be taken to prevent them.

The day also provides an opportunity to remind governments and society of their responsibility to make roads safer.

Essentially, it is a day to reflect on those who have lost their lives on Irish roads and to think about their loved ones who have been left behind.

It is also important to consider those injured and rehabilitated, how their lives have become affected and in many cases, destroyed as a result of a collision on the road.

Moyagh Murdock, CEO of the Road Safety Authority said:

\”This is the 11th year that we have commemorated World Day of Remembrance in Ireland. It is a day of reflection for all of those impacted by road traffic collisions. It gives us an opportunity to remember those who have died on our roads, lives cut short too soon. It is also an opportunity to remember those who have been seriously injured on our roads, who are left dealing with often very traumatic physical difficulties, whose lives have been permanently altered.

\”And behind every life lost or serious injury, there are families, friends and communities who have been left devastated. We hear often about the numbers killed or hurt on our roads, but these people are more than statistics, they are fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, they are friends, colleagues and part of our communities. And we cannot forget that.”

Every year, hundreds of people are killed or seriously injured on Ireland’s roads, and around the world, hundreds are killed each day. Every road death, however caused, leaves a family bereaved forever.

Many others remain deeply affected by the loss of a friend, colleague, neighbour or member of the community. The effect on the emergency services, who are faced with horrific scenes every day of their working lives is also profound. Road traffic injuries leave behind shattered families and communities.

A Special Memorial Mass for World Day of Remembrance is taking place in St. Michans Church, Halston Street, Dublin 7 at 11.00 am this Sunday.

On the day, family members are invited to bring along a photo of their loved one and to place the name of their loved one the Jesse Tree of Remembrance. A candle lighting service is available also.

Anyone who wishes to attend is welcome.


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