Launch of IMPROVER – National Survey for Prostate Cancer Patients and Healthcare Professionals


IMPROVER, (Involving Men with Prostate Cancer in Engaged Research), a new national survey led by Associate Professor Antoinette Perry and her research team at University College Dublin (UCD), in conjunction with the Irish Cancer Society and Breakthrough Cancer Research, has been launched.

Prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer in men in Ireland. One in seven men in Ireland will be diagnosed with prostate cancer over the course of their lifetime. Early detection of the aggressive form of the disease is vital to save lives.

The aim of the IMPROVER survey is to collate the experiences of patients and healthcare professionals in the early detection, diagnosis, and management of prostate cancer to help Dr Perry and her research team identify the most pressing unmet needs for men, their families and healthcare professionals.

The survey findings will also inform research being undertaken by Dr Perry which aims to improve the understanding of prostate cancer and to develop improved early detection and monitoring tests. In particular data from this survey will directly impact the development of a new urine test, epiCaPture, which Dr Perry and her team are currently developing at UCD for non-invasive detection and monitoring of prostate cancer.

Dr Antoinette Perry, UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science said, “the IMPROVER survey is a result of a wonderful collaboration between patients, clinicians and scientists. It has been created with a view to quantifying the difficulties experienced by patients during the diagnostic pathway. This knowledge will be critical in delivering patient-centric solutions. We would really appreciate people taking the time to complete this survey and sharing it with a friend or colleague.”

IMPROVER has been designed by UCD researchers in partnership with research teams at the Irish Cancer Society, led by Dr Claire Kilty and Breakthrough Cancer Research, led by Dr Frances Drummond with significant input from prostate cancer patients, nurses, urologists, general practitioners, radiation oncologists and biomedical scientists.

The IMPROVER survey is open to all males who have been tested for prostate cancer (whether cancer was detected or not) and healthcare professionals involved with prostate cancer detection, diagnosis, and management. The survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous.

The IMPROVER survey is available via

Source: NovaUCD


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