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Historic Levels of Investment in Defence Forces Built Infrastructure Plan

Simon Coveney TD, Minister for Defence and Foreign Affairs, announced details of the updated Defence Forces Built Infrastructure Plan (2022 – 2027). The Minister also confirmed a record allocation of €55m towards investing in Defence Forces buildings for 2023.

About the Defence Forces Built Infrastructure Plan, Minister Coveney stated that, “in the last 3 years, an unprecedented level of investment has been made in our Defence Forces infrastructure and this level of investment is growing exponentially to meet and further accelerate the roll out of the Infrastructure Plan.”

Since the Plan was launched in 2022, 16 major capital building projects have been completed, notable highlights include the:

  • Renovation of Block H (McKee Barracks) : €6.3m
  • Renovation of Block 8 (Naval Service ) : €4.1m
  • Limerick Gym : €3.1m
  • Upgrading of Spencer Jetty, : €2.9m
  • New Electronic Target Range, DFTC: €2.1m
  • Engineering Stores : DFTC : €0.7m.

The Minister highlighted that, “we are now rapidly moving into a phase of the Plan where we will no longer be playing catch up on underinvestment but rather we are now providing investment at a strategic level. These strategic investments represent a series of firsts for our Defence Forces.”

Highlighting the following projects in particular:

  • New purpose built ARW Headquarters.
  • New build CIS facility.
  • New Training and Recruitment Centre , Gormanston.
  • New Purpose Built Medical Facility, Baldonnel.
  • Bespoke refurbishment of Block F in McKee Barracks.

The Minister concluded referencing the current level of ambition provided for in the 2022-2027 Infrastructure Plan and stressed, “that the level of ambition shown by my Department and the Defence Forces is to be commended and shows the Government’s commitment to ensuring the current and future modernisation of our Defence Forces is achieved. The current level of ambition of over €300m in building investment over the next 5 years is without parallel in our history and shows my firm commitment to investing in the men and women of our Forces.”

The full details of the 2022 – 2027 Built infrastructure Programme is available here.


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