Eamon Gilmore supports bringing War Crime charges against Syria


Eamon Gilmore, Táinaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs, has said he will back any request to refer Syria to the International Criminal Courts as he believes there is clear evidence of war crimes. The initiated request made to the UN Security Council by the French is supported by 28 EU countries. If passed the Security Council Resolution would allow an investigation into possible war crimes and crimes against humanity in the conflicted area by the International Criminal Court. Gilmore is calling on all members of the Security Council to support the vote in the UN Security Council.

“War crimes have clearly been committed in Syria and we have a duty to ensure that there should be no impunity for those responsible. The International Criminal Court is the appropriate international forum for justice and accountability.:
However with Russia already expressing an intent to veto, the vote is unlikely to pass. Moscow\’s ambassador to the UN claims the resolution will undermine political efforts to find resolution in Syria and he viewed it as nothing more than a “publicity stunt”.

Chemical Weapons inspectors in Syria have said chemicals needed to produce the deadly gas sarin were destroyed this week. The joint UN chemical weapons mission have stated that of Syria\’s chemical weapons, 7.2 per cent remains in the country.
It has also been announced that The Department of Foreign Affairs will give an additional €5 million in humanitarian aid to Syria. This brings Irelands funding commitments since 2011 in the Middle-Eastern nation to €26 million.


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