DMHG Campaign Ask The Public \"Are You Winter Ready?\"


The Dublin Midlands Hospital Group (DMHG) have created its Winter Ready Campaign in an attempt to promote staying healthier this winter.

DMHG is asking its staff, patients and the wider public the question, \”Are You Winter Ready?\”.

The campaign runs from October to the end of February and provides public information designed to empower patients of the hospital and the wider public to better manage their health.

The core message of the campaign for staff, patients and public is to Protect, Prepare and Prevent the impacts of winter illness.

It recognises that winter is the time when many people, particularly those in at risk categories such as those over 65 or those with underlying health issues, become ill from viruses or other infections.

Speaking at the launch of the campaign at Tallaght Hospital, CEO of DMHG Trevor O’Callaghan said:

\”We want to encourage everyone to better manage their health and stay healthy in the first instance and thereafter, be informed of the health services available in their communities, how to access them, and where, depending on their condition, is most appropriate for them.

\”This message is about ensuring that those with the greatest clinical need can be treated in our Emergency Departments, in the fastest time, and those with less severe conditions can be cared for just as well in other healthcare settings. This in no way seeks to discourage patients from attending our Emergency Departments, where clearly necessary, but rather, for some with less severe conditions to first consider, where they can best be treated.”

CEO of Tallaght Hospital David Slevin added:

\”A key objective of this campaign is to implement solutions to tackle the challenges hospitals face, beyond just what happens within our hospital walls. We strongly support this objective and welcome the opportunity to contribute to this campaign.

\”It supports and underpins the work Tallaght Hospital is already undertaking to build partnerships with primary and community care providers to develop healthier communities leading to reduced and shorter inpatient hospital stays.”


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