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Defence Forces Joint Task Force ‘Fortitude’

The Defence Forces response to support
the civil authorities and principal response agencies throughout the COVD19 pandemic is co-ordinated by a Joint Task Force named ‘Fortitude’, with a staff of circa 40 military personnel.

It acts as the main fulcrum for all Defence Forces efforts to support and aid those battling the corona virus.

It has deployed a broad range of capabilities in support to the Dept of Health and the Health Service Executive (HSE), the National Ambulance Service, the Dept of Housing Planning & Local Government and the Civil Authorities – Gardai, Fire Services and Ambulance service- to counter COVID19.

As a daily average, circa 250+ personnel and 30 vehicles deploy nationwide to provide the various supports.

In addition, COVID19-related taskings, ‘routine’ Defence & Security Operations are being conducted at vital state and military
installations and at sea and in the air protecting our national maritime domain.

Overseas deployments – pre-deployment training at home, deployment & repatriation challenges for all DF overseas troop commitments, which are impacted by COVID-19, remain a key DF priority.

In a document produced by the Defence Forces, it outlines the full deployment of all the resources from the three services – Army, Navy and Air Corps to the operation.

The document can be accessed here


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