206 Defence Forces Personnel Receive Awards From SETU Carlow

The South East Technological University (SETU) Carlow held a Conferring Ceremony  to confer 206 awards to Defence Forces personnel. The collaborative partnership between the Defence Forces and SETU Carlow commenced in September 2012.

In total, the 206 awards conferred this year were as follows:

·   Level 7 Bachelor of Arts in Leadership Management and Defence Studies (Logistics) – 11 personnel

·   Level 7 Bachelor of Arts in Leadership Management and Defence Studies- 42 personnel

·   Level 7 Minor Award in Arts in Leadership Management and Defence Studies –81 personnel

·   Level 6 Higher Certificate in Arts in Leadership Management and Defence Studies – 64 personnel

·   Level 9 Master of Engineering in Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives Engineering – 3 personnel

·   Level 9 Masters of Science in Communications Technology Management – 5 personnel

Since its inception, the collaboration has grown, and includes awards in Leadership Management and Defence Studies for Enlisted Personnel, and Level 9 Masters Awards associated with the Young Officers Course for the Communications Information Systems (CIS), Engineer and Ordnance Corps.

The Chief of Staff of the Irish Defence Forces, Lieutenant General Seán Clancy commended all the recipients on their hard work and dedication, saying, \”I am very proud of all today\’s deserved ​recipients. These awards are a culmination of what has been a very challenging and rewarding process for all today\’s recipients. The COVID-19 pandemic led to widespread disruption to both Defence Forces’ training and education and the broader Higher Education Sector in Ireland. Despite the challenges posed, both the Defence Forces’ training staff and SETU’s academic staff continued to deliver high quality training and education to our personnel.\”

\”Lifelong learning is one of the key tenets of a career in the Defence Forces. The Defence Forces values and promotes education opportunities and supports the concept of “life-long learning” whereby personnel are encouraged to up-skill and re-skill continuously so that they can adapt to the complex and changing demands of military deployments and to deliver effective military capability.\”

\”Finally, I would like to thank SETU’s President, Professor Veronica Campbell and her dedicated team of academics and administrators for their work in the delivery of high quality education experiences to members of the Defence Forces.\”

Source: Óglaigh na hÉireann


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